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🔬Homocysteine is an amino acid and this test can be used for measuring its level in the blood.
🧪Determination of homocysteine is used:
🔹In case of deficiency vitamins group of B (B12, B6, B9 folic acid), if the deficiency of these vitamins has developed, the level of homocysteine in the body increases.
🔹for the diagnosis of diseases cardiovascular system (along with routine research). A high concentration of homocysteine damages the endothelium blood vessels, creating a risk of thrombosis, which in turn increases the risk cardiovascular diseases.
🔹for the diagnosis of homocystinuria. Homocystinuria is a rare genetic disease in which the metabolism of methionine is disturbed, which leads to the pathological accumulation homocysteine and its metabolites in the blood and urine.
👉You must be fasting to perform this analysis❗
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